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Shaftless Screw (Spiral)

We supply all industry standards of shaftless spirals as well as made to order screws that can be used for your new projects, or as replacement parts for existing shaftless screw conveyors, sludge conveyors, screw feeders, screw presses, inclined shaftless screw conveyors, vertical shaftless screw conveyors or any other equipment using shaftless screws. Our machine is capable of rolling the thickest and tightest flights.

shafltess screw for conveyor compactor or augermultiple shaftless screws  shaftless screw w/ brush

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Shafted Screw (Spiral)

We supply all industry standards of shafted spirals or custom made screws for your new projects, or as spare parts for your existing equipment such as screw conveyors, screw presses, screw feeders...

shafted screw for conveyor transport shafted screw in conveyor for polystyrene shafted screw shafted screw

Shafted spirals are normally used to convey granular type materials. The screw is driven at one end by a gear box and supported by one end bearing and several hangers bearing (depending on the length) along the spiral. We supply shafted spirals as per CEMA standards, and made to order ones.

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Sectionals & Auger Flighting

We supply all industry standards of sectional flighting, auger flighting, screw flights or ribbon flights.

sectional ribbon screw conveyor spiral unlimitedsectionals for screw conveyor spiral unlimited sectionals for screw conveyors before welding - spiral unlimited sectional flight spiral unlimited

Sectional flights and ribbon flights are part of shafted spirals. A sectional flight is usually one pitch of spiral, while ribbon flights are several pitches of flight in one (in manufacturing length). In both cases, section or ribbon will be welded by the client onto a shaft. A ribbon flight can be ordered as part of a shaftless spiral (minus the coupling disc, to be assembled by the client.) 

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There are a variety of applications requiring screws, not only in the municipal domain, but also in industry. Below is a list of applications that use screws : 

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