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Sectionals & Auger Flighting

We supply all industry standards of sectional flighting, auger flighting, screw flights or ribbon flights.

sectional ribbon screw conveyor spiral unlimitedsectionals for screw conveyor spiral unlimited sectionals for screw conveyors before welding - spiral unlimited sectional flight spiral unlimited

Sectional flights and ribbon flights are part of shafted spirals. A sectional flight is usually one pitch of spiral, while ribbon flights are several pitches of flight in one (in manufacturing length). In both cases, section or ribbon will be welded by the client onto a shaft. A ribbon flight can be ordered as part of a shaftless spiral (minus the coupling disc, to be assembled by the client.) 



Procedure to order a Flight 


Right hand/Left hand

Your screw conveyor flighting, or auger flighting can either be a right hand or a left hand.

If you think about a bottle opener, a right hand spiral screws into the cork when you turn to the right (clockwise.) A left hand spiral would screw when you turn to the left (counter clockwise.)



The material for your spiral can be stainless steel (300 series and duplex), Mild steel (coated, plated or not), harder steel, or any special request (all special request proposed by our clients are evaluated on the specific needs of the client).



The length for a ribbon flight is "per manufacturing section". Sections are assembled together by the client (welded onto the shaft for shafted conveyors.)

The length for a sectional flight depends on the diameter and pitch required. Sections are to be assembled together by the client (welded onto the shaft.)



The ribbon or sectional flight for a shafted conveyor is characterized with the following dimensions:

  • The outside diameter (OD)
  • The thickness of the flight
  • The inside diameter (OD) or shaft OD

single flight left hand right hand screw conveyor


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