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Reflexion on shaftless screw design

S2S Industries designs shaftless screws for optimal equipment performance, resulting in reduced cost of operation and maintenance downtimes.

After researching the optimal profile for your shaftless screw application, manufacturing specific profiles and performing destructive testing, we found the maximum amount of stress imposed on the screw, is in fact imposed by the gear drive along the inside center axis of the screw.

This answer justifies using a thicker inside profile for greater stress resistance over time. Our screws come available in either, a thicker center axis cross section and a thinner outer cross section, or a one piece section, thanks to our unique manufacturing capabilities that allows us to manufacture in a variety of standard and exotic material.

However if you just want to replace your existing screws with new ones according to your original equipment specifications, we can also manufacture it for you.


If you have questions about our research, or our manufacturing process, feel free to Contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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