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New project : 285 mm OD triple shaftless screw

This screw was manufactured for a project in a WWTP.

New project : 9" OD shaftless screw

Another screw for one of our customer, to go below a centrifuge in a WWTP.

Reflexion on shaftless screw design

S2S Industries designs shaftless screws for optimal equipment performance, resulting in reduced cost of operation and maintenance downtimes.

New project : 275 mm OD shaftless screw

One of our customers, a WWTP in Quebec, needed a shaftless screw manufactured in a short time frame as theirs just broke down.

New project : 12" OD shafted screw

We manufactured this shafted screw to replace a screw nearly 20 years old for one of our customers.

New project : 7" OD shafted screw

S2S Industries manufacture all kind of screws from shafted to shaftless, small to large diameters, and in different kind of materials.

New project : shafted screw reconditionning

This shafted screw needed reconditioning.

New project : large diameter shaftless screw

This is a 600 mm OD  Shaftless screw (approx 24" OD) for one of our customers.

We can manufacture anything from 2" OD to 24" OD and sometimes even more, so contact us now to get a quotation or some advice on the screw you need.

New project : custom shaftless screw

We just finished a special screw for one of our customers.

Screw starts as a 6" OD stainless steel shaftless screw, and moves on to a 4" OD. Click on read more to see the pictures!

New project : stainless steel shaftless screw

One of our latest projects.

6" OD and 4" OD Stainless Steel 304 shaftless screws.

S2S Industries distributes PAXXO products

S2S Industries is happy to announce that we are now distributing the complete range of products from paxxo aimed to WWTP.

Go take a look at our Paxxo products page and feel free to Contact us if you need any additional information!

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