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Shafted Screw (Spiral)

We supply all industry standards of shafted spirals or custom made screws for your new projects, or as spare parts for your existing equipment such as screw conveyors, screw presses, screw feeders...

shafted screw for conveyor transport shafted screw in conveyor for polystyrene shafted screw shafted screw

Shafted spirals are normally used to convey granular type materials. The screw is driven at one end by a gear box and supported by one end bearing and several hangers bearing (depending on the length) along the spiral. We supply shafted spirals as per CEMA standards, and made to order ones.

If you need a reminder of the reasons to use a screw conveyor, take a look at our article : why use a screw conveyor?


Procedure to order a shafted spiral


Right hand/Left hand, Push or Pull

Your spiral can either be a right hand or a left hand.

Your spiral can be pushing, pulling or both, A pushing spiral is conveying material away from the gear box. A pulling spiral is conveying material toward the gear box.

When ordering a spiral, we need to know if your spiral is a "Right hand (RH) pushing", "RH pulling", "LH pushing" or "LH pulling".

 drawing push or pull screw for conveyor


The material for your spiral can be stainless steel (300 series and duplex), Mild steel (coated, plated or not), harder steel, or any special request (including Swedish steel) (all special request proposed by our clients are evaluated on the specific needs of the client).


The length for a shafted spiral is "per section". Sections are assembled together by the client.

Ribbon flights

The ribbon flight for a shafted conveyor is characterized with the following dimensions:

  •  The outside diameter (OD)
  •  The thickness of the flight


single flight screw for conveyor right hand left hand


The shaft for a shafted conveyor is characterized with the following dimensions:

  •  The outside diameter (OD)
  •  The thickness of the wall (schedule)


Your spiral is coupled to the drive shaft with pins. The coupling is characterized with the following dimensions:

  •  The number of pin holes
  •  The pin holes diameter
  •  The distance from pin holes to shaft end


Special designs / features

If you need some special features design, we also manufacture:

  •  Hollow screws
  •  Cooling screws
  •  Heating screws


Questions? Want a quotation? Feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to help you!